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Publish Date : 12/1/2014

About DorDaran Sarir Co.

DorDaran Sarir Engineering & Trading Co. (PJS) was set out in 1998 to provide raw materials and engineering advices for ceramic industries, especially Tile, Glaze and Refractory.
The shareholders of the company are:
• Mr. Morteza Tahmasebi, B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Graduate 1969 - CEO and Member of the Board.
• Mr. Mohammad Tahmasebi, B.Sc. in Financial Accounting, Graduated in 1953 – Chairman.
• Mrs. Maedeh Tahmasebi, MA in Communication Science, Graduated in 1957- Member of board.
The management system of DorDaran Sarir was formed by recruiting committed professionals and further development. It is worth bearing in mind that by participating in national and international exhibitions and seminars, DorDaran Sarir tries to make the required raw materials from all over the world for Iran’s industry. Dedicated efforts of the past few years with a minimum income, result in development and advances in Iran’s industry.
Currently the company has provide more than 80% of the raw materials and good services for Porcelain, Tile, Glaze and Ceramic Industries. It is noteworthy that in recent years, the outspread policy of the Board of Directors targeted on entering into other industries as follows:
1. Glaze, Tile & Ceramic Industry
2. Sanitary Ware Industry
3. Tableware Industry
4. Refractory Industry
5. Friction Industries (Pads, Linings, Clutches etc.)
6. Fabrics for Paper and Cellulose, Wood, sugar Industries
7. Auto Parts (by PM)
8. Powder Metallurgy (Copper, Zinc, Brass, Bronze, Lead etc.)
DorDaran Sarir is intended to offer engineering and business services to Iran’s industry and this is what the Board aims for. It should be noted that DorDaran Sarir is a member of the “Iran and Germany" Chamber of Commerce, since 2006 and "Iran and China" Chamber of Commerce since the 2011.



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